Tutti Solo Cornet

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Musical Director

Pete Bearman

Training Band MD

Paula Langford

Principal Cornet

Bob Bearman

Tutti Solo Cornet

Jordan Carpenter

Emma Owen

Position Vacant

Soprano Cornet

Andy Pearson

Repiano Cornet

Robert Getting

2nd Cornet

Angela Kenyon

Dave Smith

3rd Cornet

Cathy Hall

Katy Hall


Chris Langford

Solo Horn

Megan Hall

1st Horn

Zoe Langford

2nd Horn

Val Mountford

Solo Euphonium

Jan Clements

Tutti Euphonium

Paula Langford

1st Baritone

John Macefield

2nd Baritone

Norma Bradley

Solo Trombone

Paul Dunt

2nd Trombone

Ryan Hayes

Bass Trombone

Kevin Hall

Eb Bass

Pete Scott

Trevor Doodes

Ed Renshaw

Bb Bass

Sam Hall

Tom Marshall


Toby Hall

Band Personnel


We currently have vacancies for  tutti solo cornet. If you are interested in filling this position, please contact the Secretary on 01245 323441 or email us.